Initial Consultation

Couples and families generally contact us while researching around the suitable location for a destination wedding and seeking help of a professional team which knows the area and nitty-gritty of all the options to evaluate what would suit them best. Here is a list of few tasks that we do for you without any commercial commitment. Just contact us with all the information you have and we could assist you the way forward.

  • A Telephonic discussion or a WhatsApp chat is setup to discuss and understand your requirement, budget and expectations.
  • A broad proposal with selective options are shared for evaluation at your end.
  • Upon agreement over a comfortable budget range, we share a more detailed proposal.
  • Benefit and shortcoming of each venue/hotel/location is explained. Pictures of past work are shared as well.
  • Based on your interest in specific venue or location we contact them and obtain a fair offer.
  • With your go ahead, we proceed for a detailed and realistic planning process.