We focus a lot on planning everything in advance and leave the least to guesswork, this ensures a very smooth execution and stress free implementation of all the ideas that you had dream of. Our senior planners who assist you in planning process enure their physical presence to coordinate your big day. Members from our core team are allocated various tasks and introduced to you and family as point of contact during the events. Here are a few tasks important to coordination and on site management:

  • Effective distribution of various aspects like hospitality, decor, vendors, PR etc. is done within our team.
  • Vendors, Hotel/s and various stakeholders are informed about their tasks and important instructions.
  • We ensure a stress free implementation by keeping you away from this process and instead leaving you to enjoy your own wedding.
  • Onsite coordination and taking care of last minute requirements.
  • All the leg work involved.
  • Placement of stationary, gifts and favors in rooms.
  • Managing arrival and departures, ground transport, guests movement etc.
  • Monitoring and following up vendors.
  • Coordinating entrances, specific instructions, food and beverages aspect, security requirements etc.
  • Essentially ensuring everything goes in sync with what had been planned over the time.